SV has officially moved!

SV’s activities are now housed at Elholm 6, 6400 Sønderborg. The preparations and measures to relocate the business that have been ongoing over the past few months continue according to plan thanks to the hard work and flexibility of both our employees and our subcontractors. As a result of their commitment, we have been able to complete existing contracts on time and with SV’s usual high level of quality. We look forward to welcoming clients to our new premises.

Increasing foreign interest

SV has seen increasing interest from both medtech and industrial clients from outside Denmark. The focus has been directed primarily at production tools. SV is very pleased to see such interest in our company, and proud to know that clients are aware of our brand and quality. We are looking forward to welcoming new clients from our export markets, and working closely with them on new projects, from order placement to timely delivery.